Seven Ways to Inspire Your Pet-Centric Renovations

As much as we may deny it, the inevitable has happened—winter is here, which means finding ways to keep positive, productive, and healthy through our coldest and darkest months. Many Canadians may be looking at refreshing their homes with renovations or DIY projects, but if you have furry, scaly or feathered friends, then perhaps some pet-centric renos are in order. If you’re looking for a place to start, here are seven next-level ways to inspire your projects.

An exit door that matches the home decor
Image via HighCraft Builders, Houzz

1. A grand entrance — or exit

Many cat lovers can attest to those nail-biting moments standing with the door open, waiting for your kitty to decide whether she’s coming or going while enough heat escapes to alter local weather patterns. Whether you have an indecisive feline, or an eager-to-please pooch, a well-placed pet door in your home’s threshold or interior gives them more freedom of movement. Just keep a close eye on your dog and the garden hose!

A hutch with a pet area
Image via CK Architects, Houzz

2. Fine dining

One of the most common places for your pet’s food dishes is the kitchen floor, but as you know that troublesome water bowl is just waiting for a good kick from unsuspecting feet. If you’re considering some updates to the most-used room in the house, this is the perfect time to plan for a classy pet food station. Not only will it look fantastic, but it gives your furry friend(s) a place dedicated to their dining enjoyment.

One fitting spot for this is in your kitchen island, as seen in this gorgeous design by Blackband Design.

Kitchen renovations adding a pet food bowls to the kitchen island.
Image via Home Bunch
A marble shower with a lip perfect for keeping water and pets in but low enough for us to reach.
Image via Haven Design and Construction, Houzz

3. Pet spa extraordinaire

If you’ve been eyeballing laundry or mudroom updates, this could be your opportunity to give your pup the ‘spaw’ treatment they deserve by creating a bath station. It would also mean no more cold hose water and the end of the dreaded bathtub drain fur-pocalypse.

A dog bed in style, in the family dresser located in the mudroom.
Image via RLH Studio, Houzz

4. Sleeping in style

Everyone needs a comfortable place to sleep, even our furry counterparts. Why not repurpose some space in your home by giving them a five-star turndown treatment? If space accommodates, there are all sorts of places that can be converted into comfy sleeping nooks.

An under the stairs home for the family pet.
Image via @stourbridgehome, Instagram

One popular spot is the space under the staircase, which can easily be turned into a handy crate alternative by installing a gate.

A side table converted into a dog bed.
@countrysidedesignfurniture, Instagram

An excellent way to turn this into a fun DIY project is to convert old furniture, like the cute nightstand dog bed above.

A converted old wardrobe into a bird cage.
Image via NudeFeather&Bloom, Instagram

5. Next-level aviary

Speaking of fun DIY projects, we can’t forget our feathered friends! With a little creativity and elbow grease, old furniture can be transformed into beautiful indoor aviaries, replacing gaudy, restrictive bird cages. Take a look at how a highboy dresser from a thrift store purchase was converted into a stunning aviary. This idea can easily be applied to habitats for some reptile species.

Ceiling walkways
Image via CatastrophiCreations, Houzz

6. Terrain fit for a cat

Cats love getting around and that often means using your furniture as an obstacle course—that is, when they’re not using it as a scratching post, of course. Creating a kitty obstacle course on your walls is another great DIY opportunity, plus it’s something both homeowners and renters can accomplish without major structural work. You can also ditch those unsightly cat trees or scratchers and save floor space by incorporating those elements into your design.

A wall playground for cats
Image via CatastrophiCreations, Houzz

Check out the epic kitty wonderland these homeowners built for their 15 rescue cats.

A pet oasis
Image via Onyx, Cinder, Holly and Boo, Instagram

7. That’s dedication

There’s no better way to make your pet feel loved—and spoiled!—than giving them their own bedroom. That’s exactly what this Instagram user did for their four bunnies, and the results are just fantastic. They even shared a short video to showcase their handiwork.

A spare room is also an excellent option for birds if the DIY bug has bitten you and you wish to tackle a walk-in aviary. Check out this heart-warming DIY story of a little white-throated sparrow named Aristarchus and the walk-in aviary they inspired.

Two cream fluffy cats looking at. the camera.